AMSE en XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology

Diez miembros de AMSE participan en dos panels y 10 “oral presentations” en XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology en Yokohama

Miembros de AMSE en la “oral presentation” titulada “New Alternative Masculinities Against Gender Violence” en la sesión Thinking Gender on a World Scale: Prioritising Feminist Theory from the South

IMG-20140714-WA0012 (1)IMG-20140714-WA0010

Ana Vidu en la “oral presentation” titulada “Transferability of Successful Cooperativist Actions: The Case of Albacete’s Cooperatives“ en la sesión “Solidarity Economy Alternatives: Vision, Practice, and Theory


Teresa Sordé en la “oral presentation” titulada “Strategies of Mobility Among Romanian Roma and Its Contribution to the EU Citizenship“ en la sesión “Circular or Temporary Mobilities and Global Inequality