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The graduate student and AMSE’s member, Ana Vidu, to participate in a workshop organized by Erik O. Wright at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ana Vidu-Afloarei, AMSE’s member and assistant scholar in the Department of Sociological Theory at the University of Barcelona. Erik Olin Wright, Professor in the Department of  Sociology at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and former ASA’s President

Seminar on Sociological Theory Raimon Bonal

We inform you of the monthly activity which can be of your interest: the Seminar on Sociological Theory Raimon Bonal. This seminar is currently organized by the Catalan Association of Sociology (ACS) and has been held over 17 years, debating on key Works of sociological theory, so all the works debated have to be of this field. In […]

Mediterranean Dialogic Seminar

An information about a recently created activity that could be of great interest to you: the Seminar of Ideas and Mediterranean Dialogue. This Seminar is open to all people willing to participate and the objective is to read and have dialogues about scientific and philosophic literature. It is an online activity developed in the Facebook platform where […]