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Congratulations to the FES (Spanish federation of sociology) on its scientific and democratic transformation

Since July the 11th of 2013, the Assembly of the FES has adopted new scientific and democratic measures in its Research Councils, leaving its former feudal structure behind. In this way, the FES will assume from now on the strictest standard criteria, such as the ones proposed by international sociological associations such as the ESA […]

12 proposals accepted by AMSE´s members have been accepted at ESA 2013

The next ESA (European Sociological Association) conference “Crisis, Critique and Change” will take place at the University of Turin on August 28th-31st, 2013, and it will include 12 oral presentations by AMSE´s members.

Explanation of AMSE on the participation in FES

AMSE appears in 2011 with a genuine intention of democratic organization and creation of scientific knowledge on sociology of education. There is no incompatibility for any member to belong to as many scientific associations as he or she may consider convenient. From the association we want to work from the dialogue to join scientific efforts […]

Two members of the AMSE will be panelists at the Social Theory Conference (ESA)

Two members of the AMSE will be panelists at the Social Theory Conference (European Sociology Association) taking place from the 6th to 8th September 2012 in Athens, Greece.   Marta Soler will participate in two sessions on the 7th September. At 10 am, she will speak on the panel “On the Questioning of Social Sciences’ Research in Europe: An Answer from Public Sociology”, and at […]