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From October 1st, 2014 to February 19th, 2015. Call for papers of #CIMIE15

CIMIE 2014 will take place on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd of July in Valencia.   The area of sociology is coordinated by Tatiana Iñiguez and Carlos Gómez Area of Sociology The area of Sociology of Education’s main objective is to serve as a meeting and exchange of different significant scientific advances that are occurring […]

Assembly 2014: Financial Statement

Assembly 2014: Financial Statement July 3, 2014

CIMIE 14: 59 people in Sociology dinner organized by AMSE

In the “Fogón Sefardí” in Segovia, AMSE members and friends sharing and enjoying of the scientific and human company one year more:

Sociology panel in #CIMIE14

Filled room, scientific debate and theoretical reflection on gender, organizations and educational activities Carmen Elboj (Universidad de Zaragoza), Ignasi Brunet (Universitat Rovira i Virgili), Leopoldo Cabrera (Universidad de La Laguna)

#CIMIE14 Dinner of the Sociology Area & AMSE

Dear friends, Shortly, we will have the opportunity to meet again in a great space of scientific reflection and debate in CIMIE. Also we will like to enjoy this scientific friendship by a relaxed meeting after the conference. Just like in other occasions we suggest to have dinner together on July 3rd at 10pm. This […]

Act of commemoration for the recovery of the collective and historical memory of the Sociology of Education

On July the 3rd, members and adherents of AMSE gathered together to hold a meal for the recovery of the historical memory of the sociology of education. The meal lasted for more than six hours and the participants thoroughly discussed historical events and their social context from various perspectives.

Next AMSE´s assembly has been summoned for July 5th

On July, the 5th the annual assembly will take place during the CIMIE congress. It will be the ideal opportunity for our members to share their work on sociology of education. In addition, we will discuss the development of our association. Date: Thursday, 5th of July 2013. Time: 11.40-12.40 pm Place: Universitat Rovira i Virgili. Campus Catalunya. […]

Call for papers #CIMIE13

Call for papers open now (until December the 23rd): We invite submissions for the #CIMIE13. Further information about the application process Access the application process Please, remember that AMSE collaborates with AMIE in the organization of the sociology area at #CIMIE13. This is an open space of participation for everybody who is working in sociology and […]

Online discussion site about the evaluation criteria for papers submitted to CIMIE

Following the link “Virtual Forums“, you will find information resources so that AMSE’s members are able to discuss about the evaluation criteria of the papers submitted to the group of Sociology of Education at CIMIE 2013. As you will see, there are some overarching questions, however, the group is open to discuss new ideas.

Relevant dates of #CIMIE13

  Call for Papers and acceptance dates are published, as well as the criteria that papers have to fulfill. You can also register on #CIMIE13. For more information here