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Peter Mayo, editor of the journal Postcolonial Directions in Education

  AMSE’s member Peter Mayo, editor of the journal Postcolonial Directions in Education Now available here the inaugural issue. You must register for free to access the content.

Alfredo Alfageme and Begoña García Pastor publish the JCR 1Q article about ageism and sexism

Alfredo Alfageme and Begoña García Pastor, AMSE’s members, publish the JCR 1Q article Temporary exit from employment throughout the life course. An alternative to retirement to challenge ageism and sexism.   Abstract: The aim of this commentary is to present and briefly discuss an alternative to the traditional life-course retirement model. We explore the idea that paid retirement […]

Luis Ayuso publishes the JCR article about LAT

Luis Ayuso, AMSE’s member, publishes the JCR article LIVING APART TOGETHER IN SPAIN Engagements or independent couples?      Abstract The phenomenon of the Living Apart Together (LAT) names partnerships that do not live habitually in the same residence. In Spain this phenomenon has increased in the last years as consequence of the retard in the familiar […]

Monographic of Praxis Sociológica on Sociology of education

José María Bleda García, director of Praxis Sociológica, informed us that the following monographic number (17) of the Journal Praxis Sociológica will be on Sociology of Education. Now there is an open period for everyone interested to participate with an article to send it tot eh following e-mail address: revista.praxissociologica@uclm.es The deadline will be September 30th […]