Why to become a member of AMSE?

– To participate in the development of sociologies of education that are relevant to the international community and that contribute to the improvement of education in society.

– To participate in the election both of positions within AMSE and those responsible for the area of sociology at the annual Congress of CIMIE, at which the  members of AMSE who are up to date with the Association do not have to pay the registration fee.

– To know the articles and books published by the members of AMSE, and make your own work known.

– To enjoy the pathways that the members of AMSE are opening up for our participation in European and World sociology. Tenemos la suerte de que las y los miembros que ya lo están haciendo lo ponen al servicio de todas y todos. We are fortunate that these path-breakers have agreed to share this work with us.

– To improve our learning skills to conduct research and be able to publish in top-ranked journals.

– To collaborate in the construction of a solidarity-based environment in a context which was characterised by individualism. As Jose Taberner, AMSE’s secretaty, said during our first dinner friendship is the key.

To become a member of AMSE it is necessary to register using the attached form below.

If you want to make the payment at the same time or later, you should consider the following information:

– The price of annual membership fees varies according to two categories according to income per capita in the country (

It is a yearly fee.

-10 € Members within the category of economically developed countries (Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, etc.)

- 5 € Members outside of the former category

Agreement with AMIE association

Given the agreement reached between the two associations, AMSE associates will enjoy the following advantages when becoming AMIE associates:

If as member of AMSE you would like to become member of AMIE,  the fee paid to AMSE will be deducted from the amount to be paid in AMIE  (Indicating name and surname, and also AMSE).



Associations linked to Sociology of Education, properly constituted with scientific purposes, and open to faculty and students in the field of sociology, will be able to become collective members of AMSE, as well as research institutions and universities around the world and especially the Mediterranean area, or their departments, and other associations of sociologists and scholars or professionals working in the field of Sociology of Education.

Fee: 50 euros per year with the following benefits:

Why become collective member of AMSE?

The benefits obtained are the following:

– Registration to CIMIE of one member representing the group

-Possibility to include information and the web link in the website of AMSE

– Possibility to include the list of journals of scientific interest in which the collective members participate, in the web of AMSE.

– Possibility to organize sessions in CIMIE and other scientific activities organized by AMSE

– Possibility to send information to the other AMSE members.

– To be included in the membership directory of the AMSE and receive information and email news regarding AMSE, AMIE and especially scientific research in sociology of education and the Mediterranean.

To become an AMSE associate, there are two possibilities:

1) To register through the form attached below and to domiciliate the payment of the fee.

2) To inscribe through the form attached below and to carry out a yearly bank transfer sending the proof of payment to

The fee paied from then one, will be that of 2013.

To make the deposit, name and surname are required for it to be valid. 

Account Lumber: 2100 0820 18 0201078652

IBAN: ES29 2100 0820 1802 0107 8652