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Ulrich Beck, great sociologist and great person

Ulrich Beck left us too soon on the 1st of January. Ulrich is a sociologist of great international relevance who meet the characteristics of the best intellectuals: great scientific and human level. It was with current AMSE members, with whom he first came to Spain. We look for opinions of members and non-members of our association […]

Congratulations to the FES (Spanish federation of sociology) on its scientific and democratic transformation

Since July the 11th of 2013, the Assembly of the FES has adopted new scientific and democratic measures in its Research Councils, leaving its former feudal structure behind. In this way, the FES will assume from now on the strictest standard criteria, such as the ones proposed by international sociological associations such as the ESA […]

Michael Apple quotes Marta Soler (AMSE’s member) in his very revealing book Can Education Change Society?

  It is also present in the work of CREA in Barcelona, where educational efforts with immigrant women enable new alliances to be built that allow for mutual respect over religious differences, give women a sense of cultural power, and create the possibility of women’s agency in other aspects of their lives. It is also […]

Explanation of AMSE on the participation in FES

AMSE appears in 2011 with a genuine intention of democratic organization and creation of scientific knowledge on sociology of education. There is no incompatibility for any member to belong to as many scientific associations as he or she may consider convenient. From the association we want to work from the dialogue to join scientific efforts […]

This web site is being attacked. It seems that there are feudal lords that do not like it

During these last months, AMSE has received Phishing attacks (identity impersonation) and other sort of attacks that have led to the constant disappearance of the website contents (asamse.org). We have reported these facts. As we have not yet been able to stop the continuous attacks we have had to change the address of the web site […]